Transformative yoga in Brighton

Discover better health, better breathing, emotional balance, and mental and spiritual clarity with transformational yoga classes.

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Find your flexibility

Everyone has a unique body structure. Not one-way suits all.

My classes focus on the function of the yoga posture, not just the alignment, which targets the precision of the stretch within the individual anatomy. With the correct foundations to deepen your stretch, you have the key to full extension of your muscles.

Yin yoga is particularly beneficial to those who have flexibility issues.


Expand your mobility

Through the use of props in my classes, your body will feel supported. Support welcomes relaxation, and where there is relaxation we create space in between the joints.

You’ll notice how you’ll be able to move much more freely after each class, and find mental clarity along the way.

Swing yoga is particularly beneficial to those who have mobility issues.

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Release tension

The issues are always in the tissues.

Physical tension is a reflection of our mental blockages. Fascia - the connective tissue in between our bones and muscles, absorbs our most painful emotions.

Over time if these emotions are not dealt with at the source, we store our problems in our bodies. Myofascial release works to break down the stiff fascia, releasing emotional storage physically and directly working to disperse our mental tension also. These classes will help you to move, and face life with ease.

Myofascial release classes are beneficial for everybody.


Crystal is a wonderful teacher, one of those people that light up a room the second they walk in. She has a strong knowledge and can break down a pose by giving the best cues; warm with a big heart.
— Dana Karina

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Crystal’s Yoga Journey started 15 years ago…

As a former dancer, an injury caused me to live with chronic hip inflammation, which resulted in limited mobility, depression and reoccuring bladder infections for over 10 years.

“I was convinced that I’d never be able to move freely again.”

My belief system changed during a trip to Bali, where I was introduced to a yin yoga class. I was overwhelmed by freedom of movement and pain relief after just one session, and from then on, I made it my mission to find out why and how yoga was so beneficial for the mind and body.

“Yoga changed my life, and I’m excited to share my knowledge and experience with you.”

I can help you regain your inner strength,tap into your unique energy source, bringing you mentally and physically back to balance.

Crystal X



Qualified in

Hatha yoga

Vinyasa yoga

Swing yoga

Yin yoga

Myofascial release


Chakra balancing

Basic face yoga


Crystal is a wonderful teacher, well- trained in various forms of yoga practice which flow on perfectly from her many years as a dancer. She also has a beautiful energy and pure spirit, happy to give time, patience and care to her clients.
— Donna Grimaldi